1.900 residents, more than 20 Bookstores

7330796086_4794b6aeb5_bLiving in a town with 1.900 residents, but having more than 1 bookstore for 100 residents. Well it’s sounds like a dream to me! Well, it isn’t a dream. There is a town called Hay-On-Wye, just on the boarder between Wales and Herefordshire in Great-Britain. They can call themselves a Booktown, that’s for sure! In the past, there were over 40 bookstores in town, but the crisis shut down several stores which means there are still 20-25 bookstores left. Still more than in my city, that’s for sure. This town is, with no doubt, a nice destination for people who love books. You’re definitely not leaving this town without a book .. or six haha!

In the 70’s this town slowly broke down to the ground. That was the sign to the local entrepreneur to crowned himself ‘King’. His main act as king was to call this town into a Booktown. Then, one thing led to the other and slowly the amount of bookstores were growing and growing. Also, once a year, Hay-On-Wye is the place of a big book festival called Hay Festival of Literature & Arts. For real?! A book Festival all about books?! CRAZY!!.

For a booklover it would be heaven, for me it would be heaven!! I want to live there!! It’s a lovely picturesque town, which I love. I’m not much of a modern world lover. But wouldn’t it be fun, living in a Booktown? Everywhere you look, you could see a bookstore. Each and everyone looks different on the in,- and outside? Everywhere you look, you might thing of books. And then there is once a year a Festival about BOOKS! Are you kidding me? A whole town in a book theme? HEAVEN!!!

Come on people, go pack you bags, we have a town to visit!


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